Carl Gilliard

Carl Gilliard is a Chicago native. He initially worked as a radio newscaster at WGPR (107.5) in Detroit, and in 1985 relocated to Los Angeles, where he became a notable fixture on the LA theatre circuit. Carl has appeared in over 2 dozen plays, mesmerizing audiences with his trademark baritone voice and fearless character portrayals. He has appeared in “The River Niger”, “Livin’ Fat”, and “The Ninth Wave”. His theatre work paved the way for numerous TV roles such as “Barbershop”, “Family Matters”, “The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air,” “24”, “Alias”, “Cold Case”, and “Sleeper Cell”, and features including “Nothin’ 2 Lose”, “Coach Carter”, the Wes Craven’s thriller, “Red Eye”, the upcoming prison drama “The Mannsfield 12” (directed by Craig Ross, Jr.), and the romantic comedy, “Divine Intervention”, directed by Van Elder. Carl has also appeared in several commercials for big-name brands. Through Carl’s various experiences in film, television and theatre, he quickly forged his niche as a producer. In collaboration with partner Tony Winters, he produced the Pan African Audience Award-winning feature “Retiring Tatiana”. Carl’s first outing as director is the poignant drama, “Section 8”.