Sean Grant

An underground comedy legend, Sean Antonio Grant aka #SeanG has tamed stages all over  the world: from the rowdy smoke bars of the south to foreign stages in London and colleges and clubs all across America. Sean’s energy and goofy smile is infectious and his high energy keeps crowds rolling the whole night through.

He was recognized as the Funniest College Kid in America by Jimmy Kimmel Live! “Jimmy was really cool. Took pictures with me. Congratulated me. I felt like a star. Then the next day I’m back at school in Tallahassee and none of it mattered at all. I learned that in this game the only thing that ever matters is what’s next.”

After college Sean moved to Atlanta aka Black Hollywood and was immediately picked up in stage plays, regional tv projects and was scouted for a guest role on Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns. “I felt like a star again. A far cry from how they treat you in some of these crappy comedy rooms.” However this was the shows last season and again the high life was short lived.

Sean has sinced moved to Hollywood to right the next big chapter in his life. “The hardest thing about living here is living. (laughs) I’m constantly having to be on the road to make money doing stand-up but if I’m going to take my career to the next level, I’ll have to network and do all that stuff alot better and land some movie and tv roles.” Sean has projects in the works including webseries’, theater productions and he is constantly on the road performing.