Practicing with Zero

When we’re creating a habit — say, meditation or practicing a language — we often try to encourage ourselves by creating an unbroken streak.

100 straight days of meditation! 30 straight days of practicing Chinese!

These are amazing accomplishments, and we should let ourselves feel encouraged when we have consistency like this.

However, what happens when the streak is broken? When the streak goes down to a Big Zero?

This can be incredibly discouraging, and we then often want to give up.

However, even more powerful than the consistency of a streak is what I call Practicing with Zero.

When we fall off the plan, when the streak is broken, when we don’t do the morning routine we like … this is when many of us hit the “Ah screw it” moment. (aka the “Forget It” moment)

It’s like, “Ah well, I blew it, I might as well just give up and blow it even more!” It’s as if we’re happy to throw away all of our gains because we had a moment that didn’t go well.

What if the “Forget It” moment could be turned into a “Dust myself off and start again” moment?

Every time we missed a day, we would just start again.

We would let go of whatever we thought our streak was, whatever we were hoping for … and

This is Practicing with Zero.

When we stumble, Practicing with Zero is simply taking a breath, and righting ourselves.

When things aren’t going according to plan, Practicing with Zero is simply pausing, and deciding how we want to proceed from here. With intention.

Consistency and things going to plan are amazing. Practicing with what happens when things fall apart — that’s probably the most powerful thing we can learn.0

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